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Full Cut Crease Stencils

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Ditch the makeup remover because our most requested cut crease style is here! Get a flawless cut crease in minutes using our latest Queen of the Cut Crease stickers in style Winging It! Our ultimate tool for quick and perfect cut creases, these stencils will help you create soft cut creases for everyday looks or colourful, dramatic looks that will get you noticed on your social platforms. Get bigger, sexy eyes in no time!

From makeup beginners to pro artists, these cut crease stencils are a must have tool in your makeup kit. Quickly and effortlessly use the style Winging It to create the perfect winged cut crease. Your perfect cut crease is only a peel away!

Want to create a half/halo cut crease? Check out our half cut crease stencils here

Our stencils are made out of gentle tape and have been tested to be hypoallergenic, latex free and safe for sensitive skin.


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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Vargas

Full Cut Crease Stencils

Work great for some, just not me

I have seen these work wonders on other's but when I used them, they did not work with my eye shape. I'll try a few more times, but I am not overly impressed.

Oh no! We'd love to see if we can help and get them to work wonders on your eye shape too. Please email us at help@crownnoire.com to get in touch!

Time saving!

These are so great! The perfect crease. It does take some playing around to get them in the position that is good for your eye shade but once you get it you'll love them forever!

Yesenia Castro
Really good!

These templates are really good. I grabbed the because I’m a beginner with eyeshadows and these make it so effortless.

Stephanie Frank
Very helpful but not perfect

I love these stickers a lot and they save me so much time on my eye makeup, but no matter how carefully i put the stickers on, almost every time eveshadow manages to get underneath a specific part of the stencil and then i have to spend a lot of time fixing it. Other than that though it’s perfect. I waste a few each time trying to get them even but that’s just because i’m newer to makeup. Overall though they are very helpful