Cut Crease Stencil VS Hand Carved Cut Crease Battle!

We love cut creases! From their eye-opening effect to their eye-catching qualities, it's no doubt that cut creases are some of the most beautiful eye makeup looks. With all the different cut crease styles available combined with any eyeshadow pairing, the possibilities are truly endless. Wear them for natural everyday look, have them take center stage in elegant bridal makeup or pump them up for an eye-catching, ultra glamourous look that is sure to grab attention.

Half cut crease created using Queen of the Cut Crease stencils vs cutting the crease with concealer comparison 

We can agree that cut creases are stunning, but cutting the crease with concealer is no walk in the park. Actually, some may consider creating a cut crease advanced artistry. Because of the precision and attention to detail required to carefully cut the crease with concealer, one tiny shake in your hand can ruin your look. A cut crease needs to be razor sharp in all of the right places while being perfectly blended in others. As challenging as that sounds, the eyeshadows placed on both eyes needs to be perfectly symmetrical to look right. It’s no wonder why people shy away from creating these stunning looks! 

Enter Queen of the Cut Crease

Cutting the crease is a thing of the past! We know it’s not the easiest, fastest or most efficient way to create a cut crease. And, most importantly, it’s not beginner friendly! With Queen of the Cut Crease stencils, you can leave the frustrations that come with cutting the crease with concealer behind. Simply pop the stencils onto your eyelids, throw on some eyeshadows and peel the stencils off to get the perfect cut crease in a fraction of the time it takes to cut the crease with concealer. With these handy stencils, anyone can easily create a compliment-worthy look in minutes. No skills required! It's advanced artistry made easy.

If you have ever struggled with creating a cut crease or want an easier, faster way to create a cut crease, you will LOVE these stencils!

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Calling All Makeup Artists!

Do you struggle creating cut creases on clients? Skip the concealer and use cut crease stencils instead! Our stencils are easy to apply, fit most eye shapes and peel off to reveal the perfect cut crease. You will rest assured knowing that you will create a stunning look that your client will fall in love with!

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